Tough-Seal is the KEY material for the electronic encapsulation of sensitive electrical components requiring premium thermal cycling performance, excellent thermal shock resistance, and outstanding environmental and corrosion protection.


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Tough-Seal provides a unique combination of KEY properties not commonly found in just one potting compound.
If you use urethanes, Tough-Seal can extend your service temperature with an isocyanate-free solution that is not moisture sensitive.
If you use silicones, Tough-Seal offers a cost effective, non-silicone option with a friendly ratio and faster cure.
If you use epoxy, which is hard and rigid, Tough-Seal is an upgraded technology with exceptional flexibility that can withstand a wide range of service temperatures. With minimal exotherm, low shrinkage, and minimal expansion and contraction with temperature changes, Tough-Seal delivers low embedment stress, and outstanding thermal cycling performance.


The physical, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of all the Tough-Seal formulation can be compare below. These values are typical measurements and are provided as guide for specifying engineers. These values are not intended to be specifications.

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